5 Wedding Planning Tips Only a Professional Wedding Planners Know

Don’t make a to-do list on your wedding day.

The only thing you must do on your wedding day is cherish the moment with your groom, and interact with the guests. Don’t even think about scheduling even 5-minute tasks. Let your wedding planner and coordinator take care of everything. It’s your wedding day, so you must relax and enjoy.

Never ship your wedding dress.

Are you having a destination wedding? If yes, then never ship your wedding gown. Carry it with you on the plane. That luxury wedding dress from Malaysia deserves a VIP treatment. Better wrinkled than lost. Moreover, if your wedding event is overseas, consider bringing customized items such as wedding favors and accessories which are difficult to replace.

Let your guests eat less cake.

There is no need to order a big wedding cake for all of your guests. Trust me, not all of them are going to eat a slice. If you are expecting 200 guests, you can save money by ordering a cake good for 175 people. Order around 15% less of the total guest count. That is already a safe bet.

Down count at the wedding dinner.

Always down count the final guest count to your caterer when you need to give them the final number of attendees. People always cancel, so it’s best to anticipate it. When you tell your wedding planner that your total guest count is 206, she will report 202 to the wedding caterer.

Go professional with the wedding lights.

It may be a bit expensive, but investing in a good lighting company is always worth it. Do you know that lighting can make a huge impact on the tone and vibe of your wedding? Work with a good lighting designer. He or she knows how to manage lights in spaces in order to create the perfect ambience for your event.


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