Casino Tips that Every Beginner Should Know

Live casinos provide professional and newbie players with a chance to have fun thanks to its bevy of different casino games on offer.

Veteran players surely know how to play their favorite games, but beginners would usually wander around; trying to play the games that they’ve seen on the television.

All of us have our own intentions when playing games. For some, it would just be to pass the time until they go back to their hotel. But, others want to win (I mean, who doesn’t?) at all costs.

Well, if you are part of the latter demographic, then read on to find out some casino tips that every beginner should know.

When Playing the Slot Machine

The is easily one of the most popular casino games out there. There are many reasons why it is famous. One is that people usually see them on a lot of movies that feature a casino setting. Two, it is pretty easy to play. All you have to do is press down a lever or press some buttons and that’s it!

There is a lot of configurations when it comes to slot machines, but it is mainly dictated by a program known as the random number generator. This software just makes it so that every spin is 100% random and is not subject to gambler’s fallacy or any of those similar concepts.

Here are some tips for people who want to play the slot machine:

Do Not Go for Video Reels

Video slot machines are dictated by a program known as the random number generator and although each spin would result in entirely different outcomes, it also provides a 5% less return than the conventional slot machine. If you want bigger wins, go for the traditional machine.

Go for Machines that Have a Fixed Maximum Payout

Although it is quite tempting to play in a slot machine with progressive jackpots, I advise new players to stick with the machines that have a fixed maximum payout.

The reason is actually quite simple: Progressive Jackpot slots give you a lower chance of winning. That is because a lot of players are vying for the same prize as well, making it harder for you to win everything.

When Playing Table Games

Live casinos are filled with plenty of table games but before you sit down, make sure that you’ve budgeted for the games beforehand. When creating a budget, it is important that you stick with the money you’re comfortable losing and stop playing when that money runs out. That is just to ensure that you are not going to be put in financial risk just for a night’s entertainment.

With that being said, here are some tips for table games:

Stay Away from Keno

Remember the casino advantage I’ve talked about before? Keno happens to have the highest possible at 35%. Stay away from Keno as there are other games that are worth your money, time, and attention.

Notice the Time

Casino managers want you to lose track of time so that you can spend money until it runs out. Fortunately for you, you now know that there are no clocks in a casino but the good thing is that you can wear a good watch. Always wear some sort of gadget that tells time accurately.

Don’t Drink and Gamble

Copious amounts of alcohol will impair your judgment- leading you to make the most irrational and stupidest decisions ever. If you must drink, only take a couple of sips at a time.

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

There is a reason why some dealers don bikinis and that is to help get you distracted. These are known as party pits and although I am not saying that you stay away from them, I am saying that you should keep your eyes on the prize so that you will not be blindsided.


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