Great Foods That Can Improve Your Health and Sex Life

Like supplements for men, many foods are available that can be beneficial if you want to last longer in bed and avoid premature ejaculation; some of them are as follows.

Red Meat

What said you had to do away with fats? Around 20-30 percent of your daily calories will come from fats, whether unsaturated or healthy like olive oil, like saturated or bad fat like bacon. Red meats contain protein and cholesterol: a precursor necessary for testosterone production, which is the main hormone for enhancing your sexual performance.


Likewise, if you don’t adopt a healthy diet that includes foods that offer your physical motor fuel, you get tired twice, the same is true in sex. Use it as another workout and get calories absorbed. Foods with a substantial amount of carbohydrates and potassium are also abundant in tryptophan, the amino acid that helps the body manufacture serotonin, the pleasure hormone that will offer you the boost that your intimate moments need.


In addition, the Aztecs named the avocado tree as “tree of the testicle”, so much so that this fruit resembles that body part. And, guess what, it’s a perfect complement to testosterone. In addition to other vitamins, avocado contains vitamin B6 that acts as a regulator of androgens production (the male sex hormones naturally produced by the body, including testosterone).


The egg is the same as red meat: they are a strong source of cholesterol and vitamin D is provided by your yolk: the kick you need to control calcium levels and generate higher testosterone levels as they aid muscle growth. A good omelet, and a good bedtime.

Red Fruits

You take too long to fill your shopping cart with strawberries, blueberries, grapes and other berries. Besides being good at fighting excess cholesterol–if you’ve followed this list only eaten a little more–and getting an immediate effect on your circulation, which will carry all your blood to the genitalia. Take’ two cups’ of a solid and strong erection.


The potatoes and cereals are kings in the world of carbohydrates. Not only do you need strong erection (testosterone) to keep the pace up in bed, but do not get tired of physical stamina. So either you get down and concentrate on not relaxing too much or you consume energy.


This fruit is one of the first suggested foods to control male ejaculation. They are high in zinc (like oysters and other seafoods), antioxidants and amino acids that enhance sexual desire, they are vasodilators, so they boost semen rates. When you’re done look out for injuries.


A healthy lentil dish is definitely what you least want to eat before a sex session. Nonetheless, leaving aside how complete you can finish (which isn’t going to help you much with performance), it turns out that these vegetables favor the circulation of the arteries and help the blood remain under the sheets where its interests lie. Also, they contain a lot of zinc, a mineral that affects male sex hormone production.


Due to the amount of water it contains (about 90 per cent), the red moon is the fruit with less calories. Therefore, when you die of heat after a night of intense sex, it will not only be perfect, but also includes citrulline. This amino acid is a vasodilator and they suggest that it also has aphrodisiac effects–this we have not confirmed.


By a tube, chocolate equals serotonin and desire comes after pleasure. So if you have trouble with the libido or turn off your wick during sex, try to stop and eat some cocoa (yes, this works for both). However, who needs an excuse for eating chocolate?

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