How to Care for Your Wrist Watch

1. Read the watch’s manual.

The manual is probably the most overlooked component of your watch box. Following
instructions and reading details from the manual can actually save you plenty of stress and
headache. This is where watch care begins. This is the ultimate resource on how to maintain, use
and troubleshoot your watch.

2. Practice good watch storage.

The box that your watch comes is not just for packaging or fanciness purposes. It is plays an
important role in safekeeping your timepiece. It’s true that a lot of people just toss their watches
on their dressers. This is not good, and can soon damage your beloved timepiece. Keep your
timepiece inside the box to keep it protected and safe.

3. Make cleaning a habit.

Purchasing men’s watches, and watches for women in Malaysia is not easy. There are tons of
things to consider. Since you are investing your hard-earned money on a timepiece, you need to
do research first before finalizing your decision. Then, once you get hold of your new watch,
take care of it well. Keep it clean all the time. Give it a good wiping on a regular basis. Just use a
simple soft cloth, and wipe the crystal, band and case.

4. Service your timepiece regularly.

Just like your car, your wrist watch’s mechanism needs regular servicing. Watch servicing must
take place 2 to 3 times each year. Your timepiece may be working well today, however, they can
simply stop working tomorrow or next week, if you fail to get them serviced on time.

Several times, if you just bought a new watch, the warranty must be able to cover the entire cost
of the servicing session. Don’t forget to make the most out of the warranty period.

5. Keep your watch away from harmful chemicals.

Many people don’t realize that their beloved timepieces can be damaged by certain chemicals.
Don’t expose them to chemicals such as colognes, perfumes and cleaning supplies. These
chemicals can cause corrosion to the strap.

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