The Top Benefits of an External Audit that You Should Know

Every company has a finance division. If you have acquired some accounting services in Malaysia, you will get in-house accountants that will do the recording, analyzing, and reporting of financial information of your company.

That being said, although accountants (especially the certified ones), typically do a pretty good job of doing such services, there will be a time that the information they may have presented requires validation.

So, how can you validate such information? One way to do that would be to conduct external audits. In this article, I will go over some of the benefits that you can gain from them and why should know about it.

Gives Validity

For the most part, small business owners rarely have an in-depth understanding of the different accounting principles there is. External audits will provide not only accurate information, but they will also give you an objective opinion regarding your accounting department’s processes.

Typically, in-house accountants will do their very best to provide all of the needed information, but external audits can help provide business owners with some much-needed insight as to the validity and accuracy of that accounting information prepared by their finance department.

With the right accounting information, small business owners will be able to secure financing from external sources such as investors and lenders.

Error Discovery

Everything that is stipulated in an accounting report should be as correct as possible because any erroneous entries could potentially influence the company owner’s decisions.

External audits can help provide business owners with their services in helping to spot any errors that are (possibly) made by their own company accountants.

Although this can be done by in-house accountants, they may find it difficult to spot any errors in the accounting information that they’ve created. In other words, they might find it hard to spot any trends and erroneous entries in the financial statements.

Trends are quite important since it will help business owners plan for the future of the company and it also helps with income estimation and growth as well.

External audits will also create financial reports that are based on the rules mandated by the GAAP or generally accepted accounting principles.

Limits Tax and Legal Issues

Whenever a company or business provides inaccurate or false information, there could be some legal implications, which is why professional accountants who will conduct external audits will be able to provide company owners with the data that they need to help them avoid any tax and legal implications.

If a company’s finance department provides incorrect accounting information, it may increase the organization’s tax liability. Overstating inventory values, income, and other financial items could help increase the amount of taxes that the company owes significantly.

Helps Educate Business Owners

As previously mentioned, there are some business owners that do not know the importance of correct accounting information, among other things, which is why external audits are handy.

Accountants that will do external audits can help educate business owners on the importance and relevance of correct and accurate accounting information.


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